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The Best Picture Story Books
Featuring Diabetic Characters

Recommended for diabetic children
and their friends, siblings, and teachers

    Ballerina Dreams: A book for Children with Diabetes
    Ballerina Dreams by Zippora Karz
    is the story of Zippy, a young girl who loves ballet. With hard work, she earns a leading role, but then she learns that she has type 1 diabetes. Will she still be able to dance in the performance? Zippy proves that she can take care of herself and still live her passion. Author Zippora Karz danced with the New York City Ballet from 1983 to 1999. She is a diabetes spokesperson and educator who regularly addresses major diabetes conferences and organizations worldwide.

    Why Am I So Tired?: A First Look at...Diabetes (A First Look at...Series)

    Why Am I So Tired? by Pat Thomas
    is a reassuring picture book that helps children understand that with a little care, anyone with diabetes can live a normal life. They will learn what causes it, what it feels like to have it, how it can be treated, and what can be done to avoid its effects. Helpful notes for adults provide ideas for sharing this information and advice with children.

    Taking Diabetes to School by Kim Gosselin
    Taking Diabetes to School is the first book in the "Special Kids in Schools Series." It's a full color, illustrated book for elementary age children and is an instructive story about a grade-schooler with diabetes who tells his classmates about the disease and how he manages it. The story offers sensitive insight into the day-to-day school life of a child with a chronic illness. Includes Ten Tips for Teachers.

    Natalie's Story - Helping Children Understand and Cope with Diabetes

    Natalie's Story by Natalie Taylor and Cindy Hepner
    is a true-life account of a child's journey to overcome the unique, daily challenges of living with diabetes. Written to help children with diabetes understand how to cope, and help peers respect the lifestyle differences necessitated by the condition, this endearing storybook is useful in individual, small group and classroom settings. Paperback, 40 pages.

    Lara Takes Charge by Rocky Lang
    Lara Takes Charge has friendly pictures with lots of color that are used to tell the story of Lara, a little girl with diabetes. Lara tells all the things she does that regular kids do -- run, swim, dance -- and she talks about her insulin pump and doing blood tests. If you have a young child with diabetes, Lara's story will help them understand that they're not the only kid in the world with diabetes.

    Even Little Kids Get Diabetes (An Albert Whitman Prairie Book)

    Even Little Kids Get Diabetes by Connie Pirner
    is written for children who have recently learned that they have diabetes, this book discusses symptoms, diagnostic procedures, and treatment. The young patient relates her hospital stay, explains how she must have injections everyday and will eventually give them to herself. Language is simple, age appropriate, and effectively gets the point across.

    The Bravest Girl in School by Kate Gaynor and Aileen Murphy
    The Bravest Girl in School encourages children to follow the instructions given to them by their doctors and parents, to eat healthily, and to see their insulin injections as something brave that they do, that other children cannot! Instead of viewing diabetes and their daily injections as something negative, the story encourages them to think of it as something that sets them apart from their peers in a positive way.

    Come Play With Me!
    Come Play With Me!: I have diabetes is filled with education and excitement. This fully illustrated book by Roberta Sherwood and Holly Hardwick vividly shows that boys and girls that have insulin-dependent diabetes are just like other children. They want to play and have fun, even amidst the very busy, complicated world we live in.

    Trick-Or-Treat for Diabetes: A Halloween Story for Kids Living With Diabetes

    Trick-Or-Treat for Diabetes: A Halloween Story for Kids Living With Diabetes by Kim Gosselin
    creatively gives the reader different ideas on how Halloween can be enjoyed and addresses the difficult questions regarding school parties and trick-or-treating. A wonderful story for children, and a good tool for parents, teachers, physicians, school nurses, and caregivers. Nicely illustrated.

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